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Moving past divorce

Moving past divorce

Alexia McLeod, CEO and founder of Therapeutic Center for Hope is a passionate, dedicated psychotherapist with an LCSW and motivational speaker. She is the president of the West Palm Beach chapter of a national women’s professional organization, Suits, Stilettos and Lipsticks. 

Alexia shares her advice in a Q and A about moving past divorce.

Q: How do you change your state of mind after divorce?

A: You must accept that your life has changed, accept what it looks like and decide what you would like it to look like. Then comes taking the steps to get there.

Q: How do I get closure in a relationship?

A: 1) Set boundaries

2) Give yourself permission to go through emotions

3) Talk to friends/family

4) Accept that you may never get an apology from your ex.

5) Forgive

6) Work out your next steps with a therapist you trust to have a better chance at a positive relationship without carrying emotional baggage from this relationship and recognizing what to look for in the next.

Q: How do I gain control over my emotions?

A: Practicing Mindfulness

Q: How do I move out of victim mode?

A: Looking at the total relationship and admitting that there was good and bad on both sides.

Q: How do I learn to respond rather than react?

A: Pause, Breathe, Think then Speak. Work with a therapist you trust to identify patterns of behavior and reasons for reacting the way you do. With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) these patterns can be restructured to work for you.

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