Moving Past Divorce

An interview with Alexia McLeod, CEO and founder of Therapeutic Center for Hope. Alexia is a passionate, dedicated psychotherapist with an LCSW and motivational speaker.

Finding hope after a divorce

We interviewed award-winning author and family dynamics coach C. Lynn Williams about finding hope during or after a divorce.

What is an abusive marriage?

How do you recognize if you are in an abusive marriage? Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern 93980 Rebecca Mealer defines abuse and how to respond.

How to calm anxiety in 20 seconds

Jodi Aman explains how to calm anxiety in 20 seconds. To calm from anxiety in twenty seconds, we have to know why anxiety is sustained in the first place. The biggest reason anxiety stays with us is because of the thoughts in our head.

Leaving a narcissist

A narcissist can be very difficult to spot and their tactics can be very confusing. Divorcing one can be even more difficult and confusing. Sara Capella, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist answered some questions regarding leaving a narcissist and how to avoid the mind-games.

Domestic Violence in a relationship

DivorcePros interviewed Nancy Lewis, a Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco about what to do if you are getting out of an abusive relationship and how to recover afterwards. Take a read of the great information Nancy provided us.

I want to divorce my partner who still loves me

What to do when you want to leave a partner who still loves you. Stephanie Macadaan shares her expertise about what to do in this situation.

The benefits of seeing a therapist

DivorcePros interviewed Mary Perreault, a marriage and family therapist, about the benefits of seeing a therapist.

When your spouse wants a divorce and you don't

DivorcePros interviewed psychotherapist Rob Kaufman about some of best ways to dealing with the rejection and hurt of an unwanted divorce.

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